100 Dips

Increase strength, Bodyweight

28 weeks
85 workouts

This program is designed to build your foundation up to 100 consecutive dips!

The program can start with a place that corresponds to your fitness level. Just follow schedule and soon you will be able to do 100 dips!

The program is designed for 3 workouts per week. Choose the days that suit you the most. This is usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Always Warm up before workout and Stretch after them. Before starting read how to do Dips. Do the Dips correctly. Don't cheat yourself.

Perform the test (the maximum number of repetitions) to determine how the training program should start. Relax a few days and start exercise program from workout, which corresponds to the result of the test:

less than 5 dips - day 1
6-10 dips - day 19
11-20 dips - day 38
21-27 dips - day 57
28-35 dips - day 75
36-42 dips - day 94
43-50 dips - day 103
51-57 dips - day 113
58-65 dips - day 122
66-72 dips - day 131
73-80 dips - day 141
81-87 dips - day 150
88-93 dips - day 159
94-100 dips - day 178

1.If you were not able to all the reps in workout - make a break for 2-3 days and then repeat.
2.If you are very behind schedule, do the test again and start the program with the necessary training.

Be sure to concentrate on good form during program. The workouts will get progressively harder with more reps and any bad tendencies you have now will only become more ingrained as you move further along. Focusing on proper form early on will help you greatly as the number of reps increases.

If you need additional rest between sets, take it! The number of repetitions is getting considerably higher, so if your form begins to suffer due to fatigue or shortness of breath, then drop down and rest for as long as you need before you continue. If you experience any sharp pain, lightheadedness or exhaustion, you should end the workout and consult a medical professional. Don’t be ashamed if you need to break some of the reps down into two or more sets. Every workout presents a lot of dips.
Repeated exercises of any type can exacerbate any soreness in muscles and joints due to overuse. Even with proper form and balanced training, highrepetition sets of dips are extremely hard on the body. Do NOT continue if you have lingering soreness or clicking in your shoulder or elbow joints. Please take as many rest days as you need to rehab before or during a program. All the hard work you’ve put in so far won’t count for anything if you hurt yourself by overtraining. Be careful, train smart.


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

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