Legs and Buttocks

Body correction, At The Gym

2 weeks
6 workouts

The main goal of sports girls is beautiful slender legs and elastic buttocks. It is for these purposes that we have drawn up a training program for a gym with more exercises on the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

The program includes both basic and isolating exercises. This training plan is suitable for both girls who want to lose weight in their legs, and for those who want to build muscle mass. All this - if you follow the recommendations for nutrition.

How often do you train?
The training program is designed for 3 days of training in the gym a week. At the first training session, when the strength is greatest (after the weekend), we do basic exercises for the legs and buttocks. They give a serious load not only to the legs, but to the whole body. Lightweight isolation exercises (involve only one muscle group) - at the end of the week. The program has more exercises on the lower part of the body, so we removed most of the insulating exercises on the top of the body (on the hands). But do not worry about this. Hands will get enough load during back training. In addition, for girls it is not so important to increase the volume of the biceps and triceps, how to put your legs and buttocks in order.
Yes, you can simply add another additional day to your feet by regular split-program trainings. But many girls do not have time for this. Plus - rest and recovery after training. Not only the muscles, but also the nervous system, too, need sleep and rest.

How long does it take to train and when to wait for the result?

You can train as long as there is progress. General recommendations: every 4-6 months, change the training plan, exercise and intensity. Do not focus on any one muscle group for too long. Try a plan where work out all muscle groups on each workout , or classic split.
Do not expect that in a month you will achieve the ideal. In four weeks you will see changes in the mirror, and after four more they will be noticed by others. Weigh yourself and measure the volume of the body with a centimeter tape. Not only the chest-waist-hips, but the stomach and thigh in the thickest place. Make comparative photos in a swimsuit. You need a good photo for the collage "before and after" in the Instagram! At the very beginning of the menstrual cycle, girls may have edema of about 1 kg, which disappears after the end of menstruation. Consider this and do not be discouraged if these days the weight is "worth".

Is it possible to lose weight and pump up muscles at the same time?

For beginners - burn fat and gain a little muscle at the same time is possible. But this does not work for those girls who already train a year in a row and longer. In this case, first lose weight (if necessary), and then exercise and eat for the growth of muscle mass.

How to lose weight in the legs?

Want to lose weight in the legs - do not look for magical exercises for losing weight in this zone. Local fat burning does not exist and it is almost impossible to influence on where the fat will go first of all when losing weight. But leg exercises stimulate blood circulation in this zone. As a result, fat from the legs and buttocks is burned a little better (under the condition of a diet with a deficit of calories).

How to increase your buttocks?

Want to increase the gluteal muscles? First of all, watch for food. Lose weight or not - always use the protein norm, otherwise the muscles will not have enough material for growth. On the contrary, you will lose them along with fat. If there is no excess fat, then eat plenty of calories and do not more than 12 repetitions in each exercise. Losing weight needs less carbohydrates and fats in the diet, but protein - in sufficient quantities.

Do I need a diet?

You do not need to sit on a strict diet. But proper nutrition is 90% success, especially for girls. All the time you will spend on training, without the right diet, all efforts are in vain - it will not be possible to lose weight or build muscle.
If the main goal is weight loss, then eat with a deficit of calories, exercise intensively (12-15 repetitions in the approach, 40-60 seconds rest).
For muscle growth, eat with an excess of calories (for girls it's about 200-300 in addition to calories to maintain weight), do not more than 12 repetitions in the approach and rest 60-90 seconds (ie you will use such weight of burden with which More than 12 times to do the exercise will not work).

Warm up and stretch

Be sure to warm up before the start of training (running on the track for 10-15 minutes, exercises with own weight).
Stretching is best done at the end, when the muscles are already warmed up.
For maximum weight loss, you can also run after 20-30 minutes on the track after the main workout.