Basic program for girls in the gym

At The Gym, Full body

2 weeks
6 workouts

The training program for girls in the gym, which only begin to regularly engage in fitness, must contain complex exercises for the whole body. You do not need to spend all the time in the gym on the machines, if you do not have health restrictions. Training with free weights (barbells and dumbbells) will allow for less time to work out more muscles (faster to gain muscle mass) and spend more energy (faster to burn fat).

Basics of training in the gym for girls

Most coaches suggest that beginners immediately start working on the split-training program - only 1-2 groups of muscles should be trained on each training session. But this kind of programs is more suitable for experienced athletes who have general training and who want to pay more attention to a particular group of muscles.
For girls-beginners workout program in the gym with working out of the whole body will work better each time you visit the gym.

Those who because of their schedule can skip fitness training, it is much more convenient to pay attention to all muscles every time than to increase the gap between the training of any muscle group because of missing classes according to the plan. For girls, the flexibility of the training program in the gym is especially important, since not everyone can train at full strength during menstruation. That is, even if you have a job / hobby / other reasons why you can not go to the gym regularly - this is not a reason not to engage at all. Build your training program so that each time you perform exercises on different muscle groups, using the entire body in one workout.

Those girls who have the main goal - losing weight, you need to eat right.

Do not sit on a too strict diet - this will inevitably lead to a breakdown on the background of regular training in the gym. But also do not eat everything - at the raised expenses of energy (trainings in a gym) appetite can grow. As a result - not only muscles will grow, but also fat. For girls, thin initially - a small amount of fat will not spoil the figure. But when there is already an extra 10 kg, abundant food will only exacerbate the situation. It is not necessary to think that the muscles that have grown suddenly will spoil you - in increasing the weight and volume, fat will be to blame, the volumes of which inevitably grow in the absence of control over nutrition.


Running, walking "uphill" on a treadmill - 7-10 minutes
Exercises with own weight - squats, push-ups, slopes - 7-10 minutes

Workout Summary

Each exercise in the program do the specified number of times for 3 approaches. At the end of the training you need to make a hitch.

When drawing up a fitness training program for girls in the gym, it should be taken into account that it is best to practice 3 times a week with a break of 1 day between classes. If you can not take a break, you can conduct training and 2 days in a row, but such cases should be an exception.
Any exercise can be replaced by its analogue on the mashine, if there are problems with health. For example, with a backache during a training session Squats can be done in the Smith Mashine. In this case, you should always consult a doctor and trainer.

Remember, the most important thing for both losing weight, and for improving the tone and texture of the muscles, is how you eat. Without a deficit of calories, you can not lose weight and see the relief, and without enough protein in the diet there will be no muscle growth. If you after supper fitness in the gym supper fast carbohydrates in unlimited quantities, then in time you can only hope for an increase in clothing size. For beginners, it is very important not only fitness training in the gym, but also learn how to count calories and monitor the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.