Total Shred

Weight Loss, At The Gym, Full body

6 weeks
36 workouts

This is ultimate fat-loss program, expressly designed to help you get shredded, get stronger, and get in the best shape of your life. If you still need to change the weight - do it after cardio acceleration.

It's an intense, six-week plan built on six workouts per week, linear and reverse linear periodization and cardio acceleration.

Program isn't easy, but you don't want easy. You want results. Beginner or advanced, male or female, Total Shred will get you results.

The program splits each muscle group into two different workouts per week. During the first half of the week-Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday-you train with multi-joint, compound exercises. For example, during your first chest session each week, you will only do compound exercises like barbell and dumbbell presses.

During the second half of the week-Thursday, Friday, and Saturday-when you train each muscle group for the second time, you will use single-joint, isolation exercises wherever possible. For example, on your second chest day, you will perform dumbbell and cable flyes.

Get Warm
Begin every Total Shred workout with a few minutes of fast-paced cardio. A quick cardio warm-up will get the blood pumping in your body and prep your nervous system, muscles, and joints for heavy weight and hard work. You never want to start a workout cold, so choose a movement like bench step-ups to get things started.

Warm-up sets of your first resistance exercise are also important. When you lift in a relatively high rep range, one warm-up set is fine. As you progress through Total Shred and the weight gets heavier, you may need more than one warm-up set.

What is a cardio acceleration?
Cardio acceleration is critical to Total Shred. It will fire up your fat-burning furnace like nothing else. Cardio acceleration is a technique that combines high-intensity cardio and resistance training into one fast-paced workout. Instead of resting between your lifts, you will do cardio between every single set. Simply put, you'll lift one set of a prescribed exercise, such as bench press, and then immediately follow it with one minute of cardio.

Cardio effectively replaces your rest periods. Now, I don't mean you have to rack the barbell, run across the gym, and jump on a treadmill or stationary bike. Your cardio acceleration exercises can be as simple as running in place next to the bench. You can also do jump rope, dumbbell cleans, step-ups, or any combination of full-body exercises. The only requirement is that you move for an entire minute. If you're new to fitness and find that one minute is too long, reduce the time to 30 seconds or go slower.

Weight it out
When it comes to your working sets, pick a challenging weight that you can lift for desired number of reps. If you can't get the last few reps on your third and fourth sets, don't go lighter. Keep the weight the same and do as many reps as you possibly can. The intensity and pace of the workout are sometimes more important than the number of reps.

There's no prescribed rest in this program; take enough time between changing exercise so that you feel mentally and physically recovered, but don't extended your breaks longer than 2-3 minutes.


Month 1

Month 2

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