Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Main muscle: Triceps
Other muscles: Chest, Shoulders
Equipment: dumbbells
Mechanics type: isolation
Fitness level: intermediate
Category: Increase strength

  1. Lie on a flat bench while holding two dumbbells directly in front of you. Your arms should be fully extended at a 90-degree angle from your torso and the floor. The palms should be facing in and the elbows should be tucked in. This is the starting position.
  2. As you breathe in and you keep the upper arms stationary with the elbows in, slowly lower the weight until the dumbbells are near your ears.
  3. At that point, while keeping the elbows in and the upper arms stationary, use the triceps to bring the weight back up to the starting position as you breathe out.
  4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Caution: This is an exercise that you need to be very careful with when selecting the weight. Too much weight with sloppy form and you could be looking at injured elbows. Also, if you suffer from elbow problems this exercise might be too harsh on your elbows, so you may need to look for a substitute such as a close-grip bench press.

Variation: You can perform this exercise in an alternate fashion like alternate dumbbell curls.