Knee push ups
Main muscle: Chest
Other muscles: Triceps
Equipment: no equipment
Mechanics type: compound
Fitness level: beginner
Category: Street Workout

Push-ups on the floor with the knees are the basic functional exercise for the chest muscles used in women's training. This movement is a simpler alternative to the classic push-ups.

The main working muscles: triceps, pectoralis major, front beam deltas, serratus anterior.

Proper implementation machinery

Get on your knees and take the emphasis lying down, placing his hands at a distance slightly wider than shoulder-width below the upper part of the chest;
Straighten the trunk and sank down;
From the lowest point of the body begins to rise, based on the straightened hands and knees;
Make the desired number of repetitions.
Practical tips and tricks

When performing push-ups with the knees perform all movements slowly and under control, feeling the muscles work;
Throughout the working approach, head, shoulders, hips and knees should be on one line;
Do not use the power of inertia, lift the body only through the work of the muscles;
Do not try to reduce blade - they have to be completely separated and omitted.