Seated Straight-Bar Curl Superset
Main muscle: Biceps
Other muscles: Forearm
Equipment: barbell
Mechanics type: isolation
Fitness level: intermediate
Category: Increase strength

  1. Sit erect on the end of a flat bench, feet out in front and knees bent about 90 degrees. Grasp a fixed barbell out wide with an underhand grip, a hand position that puts more emphasis on the biceps short head. This will be your starting position.
  2. Without using body English, do this partial-rep movement by contracting your biceps to curl the bar up to a point just below your chin, then release under control, ensuring the bar doesn’t rest atop the thighs in the bottom position. Repeat for the designated number of reps.
  3. Quickly reposition your hands to a shoulder-width grip and repeat for reps.
  4. Finally switch to a close grip, which preferentially emphasizes the long head, for the final number of reps.